Parent competition tips and tricks

Hey there! Coach Whitney here!

This last weekend the competition team rocked their tumbling competition up in Farmington, Utah. This was their third competition this year and their last local competition of the year before State Championships.

As parents, it’s sometimes hard to know what to do to help your athlete be successful at competitions.

As we get ready for State we thought we’d give you some tips and tricks for how you can help your athlete score big at their next competition!

  1. The night before:
    • Make sure they have everything they need the night before a competition. Is their uniform clean and ready to go?
    • Do you have their trampoline shoes in their tumbling bag?
    • Do your boys have both their tumbling shorts and their trampoline pants?
    • Have you made sure you have extra ponytail holders and hairspray nearby for your girls?
    • Double check what time they compete and have their competition times written down so they’re easy to access the next day.
    • Making sure you have all of these things the night before will reduce stress the morning of the competition and make sure your athlete’s morning goes smoothly so they can focus on their competition.
    • And another important thing to do the night before a competition is to help them get to bed at a reasonable time so they can be well rested the next day!
  2. The morning of: 
    • Often times your athlete will compete early in the morning so plan ahead and make sure you leave enough time to accomplish everything you need to get done!
    • Make sure they get a good breakfast in the morning before they compete. Often times your athlete will feel too nervous to eat before their competition, but even a little bit of breakfast can help an athlete have more energy to perform well.
    • Leave enough time to do their hair! For girls AND BOYS with long hair, all hair needs to be pulled up! If they have bangs they need to be pulled back! If their hair is long enough to fit in a bun it has to be in a bun! Remember: If their hair gets in their eyes they won’t be able to stick their landings and If their hair falls out and touches the ground during the competition they could get a deduction! Don’t use any bobby pins because they aren’t allowed! If you are having trouble with hair then come talk to us at the gym and we’ll give you some tips, or arrange with someone to help do their hair before the competition!
    • Make sure you leave early with extra time to travel to the competition site! Because competition season begins in January every year it isn’t uncommon for competitions to fall on snowy days. Make sure you check the weather so you can leave extra time to travel if there is bad weather or heavy traffic.
    • Encourage your athlete. At this point, the best thing you can do to help your athlete is be excited for them. They might be nervous and may or may not act like they are excited to compete. One of the best ways to help them is to reassure them that you are excited to watch them and to remind them to have fun!
  3. During the competition: 
    • Remeber that NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE STRETCHING AREA! Check-in and bring your athlete to the entrance of the arena and send them in, but do not go with them. If your child is nervous look to see if their coaches are around or any athletes with their same leotard and point them out to your child. Remind them that everyone on the team is willing to help them get where they need to go!
    • Find your seat and cheer loud! Make sure you pay attention to where your child is on the floor because there are lots of athletes and it is easy to miss their competition if you aren’t paying attention.
    • After they compete each event head over to the awards area. After scores are all added up a runner will take your athlete to awards. Be ready to snap some pictures!
    • Whether they are happy or sad with their place they got, remind them that they need to focus because they still have other events to compete! Take them back to the stretching area so they can be ready for their next event.
    • Leave the coaching to their coaches. Their coaches know what to do to help them perform better. Instead of telling your child what they need to do when they compete, remind them to listen to their coaches and encourage them to try their best!
  4. After the competition:
    • If your child is happy about their competition celebrate with them and encourage them to keep working hard at the gym so they can continue to do well!
    • If your child is disappointed, remind them that it isn’t the end of the world. If they had a hard competition they are going to be pretty hard on themselves, and it usually doesn’t help if their parent is hard on them too. Remind them that there will be other competitions and use it as a teaching opportunity to tell them to work harder in the gym.
    • Celebrate a job well done!

We hope these tips will help you help your child score big at the competition! We sure do love your athletes and love watching them succeed!! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of their lives!

See you at the next meet!

-Coach Whitney