Interested in Competing?

What is the difference between recreational and competitive T&T?

Competitive trampoline and tumbling allows athletes to be introduced to a team and improve their skills significantly. On Team, they learn valuable things such as strong work-ethic, accountability, responsibility, and determination. We teach our athletes the value of hard work and what it looks like.

Signs your athlete would be successful in competitive T&T

  • They LOVE coming to the gym. This is huge. If your athlete can’t wait to come to class, this is a great option for them.
  • Seem to learn quickly and naturally. While certainly not a requirement, having a “knack” for flips and tricks is great.
  • Brave and daring. Trampoline and Tumbling can be a little intimidating at times when learning new things. Having a fearless attitude to try new things is awesome!

What is the commitment like? 

Unlike all-around gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling doesn’t require as many hours in the gym. Our beginning and lower level athlete typically train 4-6 hours per week. Our local season runs from January-April. While our local season is only a few months long –  Trampoline & Tumbling does require a year-round commitment. New athletes typically join at the start of summer schedule and will train all the way up-to and through the season. The nature of the sport requires consistent training schedule to be able to compete successfully and improve upon their skill set. Athletes rarely have a hard time training year-round and can’t wait to get into the gym for practice!

Our Teams are broken down into two programs: Competitive & Developmental Programs. Below are the breakdown of each program.

The Developmental Program is for young athletes and those that have recently started into T&T. The purpose of these groups are to lead into our competitive groups when the athlete is ready! Read the descriptions below about the Development Program that would best fit your athlete! Please reach out to Andy for schedule and tuition rates.

HOT SHOTS: Athletes ages 4-6. There are two Hot Shot groups (Boys & Girls). In this group they will learn the basics – including handstands, cartwheels, basic skills on a trampoline.

TITANS: Athletes ages 7-8. This group is for athletes learning BHS. Must have Round-off, unassisted bridges, and have been previously enrolled in T&T classes at High Altitude.

BRONZE TEAM: Athletes ages 9+. This group is similar to the TITANS – just for athletes aged 9 and up.

The Competitive Program is for athletes that wishes to compete! Below is some basic information to give you sense of the program. Click on the Schedule tab at the top to get a better sense of what the competition schedule looks like!

Skill Requirements for Competitive Program: 

  • Round-off BHS on the ground
  • Back tucks on a Trampoline
  • Front tucks on a Trampoline

We absolutely are capable of teaching these skills and DO NOT expect athletes to have these skills upon entering the team. However, athletes that do not have these skills when starting will be placed into the appropriate Developmental Group, in which they will learn the skills that will enable them to compete!

Please reach out to one of our directors, Colbie or Andy, for more information regarding costs, timelines, skill requirements, etc. We are excited you are interested in competing and looking forward to talking with you!