“We are so grateful and excited to be a part of The T&T Team! It’s important to give your children a safe environment to succeed; we love that High Altitude is a safe environment where exceptional skills are taught. I love how High Altitude & their caring, talented coaches, have empowered our children to be the Champions they deserve to be! We have two daughters on the High Altitude Team and will be excited to add another as soon as her skills and age warrant it.” 

“I have 4 boys that have competed on the High Altitude T&T Team. They enjoy it for many reasons and all of them are more confident and better athletes as a result of participating. As a parent though I appreciate the individual accountability and responsibility it has given my sons. This is very professional gym that anyone would be thrilled to be a part of.”

“Being on the Trampoline and Tumbling team at High Altitude has been the greatest thing for our son. He has been on the team for 5 years and it has helped him grow strong not only physically but in confidence as he learns he can do hard things and get up and try again when he falls. He loves the coaches at High Altitude, they truly care about each athlete and have their safety and success at heart. As a parent, I love that the athletes are not just a team but there is a feeling of family as they cheer and help each other. We love High Altitude and T&T!”